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Multi-use of the oceans

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11/3/2016 9:54:38 PM
Posted: 2 months ago
70% of the world surface is oceans and we have not started using all this area for harvesting energy and for fish farming and seaweed in large quantities.
This is what Multi-use are all about.
EU have investigated what Multi-use can be for the members of EU and they find that it can mean 5,4 million jobs and a GVA of 500 billion euro.
USA have the Wave Energy Prize competition going on and the winner of 1,5 mill. $ will be announced the 16 of November this year.
The goal for the competition was to halve the wave energy price, but will they reach the goal?
Up to now the wave energy converters are too small, but bigger rigs means more capital and more risk.
What is the path forward?
I believe the technology at site is an answer.
This is Multi-use and the rig is designed for energy production from 3 wave energy converters and 2 wind turbines and therefore called 3Wave2Wind. The hull is designed for fish farming and seaweed is a third option.
This means that the cost of the rig will be shared by different type of use and this way we can reach the goal of halve the wave energy price and may be compete with wind energy at land.
I"m from Norway and could not participate in the Wave Energy Prize competition, but I would like to compete with the winner if USA want to cooperate getting the best technology in ocean.
The world needs clean energy, more food and more jobs and therefore support Multi-use.