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Top 15 Biggest Rappers From 2000-2017

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11/30/2017 8:37:29 PM
Posted: 1 month ago
This list is based on opinion, song popularity, individual popularity, and how well the artist, let's get started...

15.Wiz Khalifa
Not that much of an impact in this current generation expect for See You Again and Black and Yellow. It would be W-W, but he just can't compete

14.Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg had lot's of good songs in his time, just not well enough to put him higher on the list

XXX has put up some great hits from Look at Me!, Jocelyn Flores, Xanax. He his this high on the list because he is the main how SoundCloud got big. He made the strong transition into a rap icon for the SoundCloud people. He also influenced Lil Pump

12. Rick Ross
He had only a couple of good albums, but not enough to place him in the Top 10

11. Post Malone
Post Malone has had great hits on two of his big albums that have been Top 25 hits. I Fall Apart, White Iverson, Congratulations, and rockstar have all been in the Top 25 Billboard. His chill vibe leads him to this 11 spot.

10. J.Cole
His success in 2013-2014 was highlighted by songs we still think of relevant. If he comes out with another track, he would have been placed higher, but he has failed to produce a decent song in 2k15, 16, and 17

9. Logic
Logic speaks out against the bad things in his album, Everybody. Considered the best rap artist from Maryland, his 1-800-273-8255 went viral and showed the dark side of suicide. He should also be noticed in his feature in Sucker for Pain

8. Chance the Rapper
He is outplaced of Logic due his charity for Chicago and his unique rap style

7. Jay-Z
He has had a successful rap career being the Top 5 for most of his career, but he has recently slipped out of the Top 5 due to these people

6. OutKast
He had an influence, but he would be more classified as pop. He has had his great and platinum songs, but he is more considered a pop artist, while the top 5 focus more on rap

5. Kayne West
his absence has really made him fall down some spots. He needs more tracks and he could reclaim his spot that he lost

4. Lil Wayne
Missed opportunities in 2017 led to his drop from the top 3. Still a great legend hip hop artist

3. Kendrick Lamar
DAMN. was a comeback and a start for Lamar. His album shocked the world. However his lack of the entire generation brings him short again

2. Drake
More experience, more flexibility, and longer than Lamar. Grammys galore

1. Eminem
No explaining needed
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