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Merry Christmas

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12/26/2017 7:34:28 PM
Posted: 6 months ago
This site seemed a bit lacking in holiday pleasantries so I thought I'd add some. Happy holiday season, DDO.

What did you do for Christmas?
I'll see you on the Dark Side of the Moon.

So much has gone, and little is new.

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12/27/2017 1:13:37 AM
Posted: 6 months ago
Got up around 7 or 8. I sat in the living room and waited for my younger siblings to "open" their presents (more like take their presents out of big bags) and then I opened mine. My mom got me a blanket, some popcorn and a 2nd Kindle Fire. It's a newer version and the screen's bigger. Unfortunately, this just means I'm baffled by the user interface and I find it difficult to type.
Later we had steaks and boiled shrimp and baked potatoes. There was also a bag of candy, which seemed a little bit smaller this year. My younger brother and sole roommate sat in bed and listened to lame Christmas music, seeing as how he didn't have work like usual and he couldn't chill anywhere in town, since everything was closed and he refused on principle to visit any of those places which were open on Christmas.
Later, my older brother came over and the three of us watched the second half of "The Devil is a Part-Timer". Then the day was over.
"Chris, I'm worried, with this killer on the loose. If I die, they might find some things. Strange things. Things that don't make sense to you."
"Umm, okay?"
"And there's gonna be some talk. Nasty talk. I just want you to know from me, it's all going to be out of context."
"I don't understand."
"IT MEANS that if I die you gotta burn my house down! "