Homeschooling Debate

History and Debate of Homeschooling

Homeschooling is rapidly growing in popularity, with the numbers increasing by at least 7 percent every year. There are currently approximately two million children homeschooled throughout the United States. Homeschooling is a hot topic, with a great deal of pros and cons.

Pros to the Homeschooling Debate

First and foremost, homeschooling offers a great deal of freedom, especially educational freedom. While the basics are certainly covered for all homeschool students, the students have a great deal of freedom over what they specifically learn and when. Students can focus on the subject matter that gets them excited, whether that is history, biology or creative writing. Next, homeschooling offers a great deal of physical freedom. Without the strict schedule of school hours, homework and school trips, families have much more freedom to vacation at odd times, visit museums during the week and other such activities. Additionally, homeschooling offers emotional freedom. Students often experience troubles with bullies, peer pressure, boredom and competition. In a homeschool environment, these factors are eliminated. Students are able to think, dress and act the way that they want, making sure that self-esteem remains intact. Lastly, homeschooling offers religious freedom not found in public schools, which is definitely important to many families.

There are many other pros to homeschooling as well. Members of homeschooling families often form significantly closer family relationships. Homeschooling provides a sense of stability to families during difficult times, whether it is illness, moving, death or a new family member. Homeschooling ensures that kids can get the rest they need. No longer are kids forced to rise before dawn to slave away in early morning classes. Lastly, homeschooling eliminates the need for busywork. Homeschooling is a much more efficient way to teach and learn, and can eliminate the need for homework.

Cons to the Homeschooling Debate

While homeschooling can do a great deal of good, there are also a number of disadvantages. First, there are the time restraints. Whether you work, are a single parent or simply choose a time-intensive schooling method, there is a great deal of factors limiting the time available for homeschooling. Financial restrains are another concern, as a source of income is often lost when the decision is made to homeschool. The closeness of homeschooling may prove too much for some families, as parents often must spend a larger amount of time with their children.

Other disadvantages come from limited social interactions. First, team sports opportunities are limited for most homeschoolers, especially teenagers who want to participate in competitive sports. Homeschoolers may find themselves limited in outside connection. While family interaction is great, kids should interact with others outside of the family in order to live full and well-developed lives. Lastly, homeschooling is considered unusual, so you may experience negative comments and attitudes as a result of homeschooling.

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