Roe v. Wade is a very messed-up decision


Round 1 Acceptance Round 2 Arguments Round 3 Rebuttals Please keep it civil....

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Money can solve anything.


Money can solve anything. CON must prove at least one example of a disaster (or misfortune) that can occur in human life that cannot be prevented or overturned -in theory- by a person with an unlimited supply of money. CON is free to make arguments in round #1 and round #2 but must not make any new arguments in the final round (only rebuttals). It is to CON's benefit to list as many different examples as possible....

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A god exists


Four Rounds: 1st- Acceptence/Opening statements 2nd- Opening arguments 3rd- Rebuttals/More arguments 4th- More rebuttals/Closing statements I will be arguing more specifically for the existence of the Christian God, but if I convince the existence of any god, then my role will be fulfilled. Definition(s): God (n) - a supernatural and intelligent force that designed the existing universe and/or the life within it and now exercises a level of power over it's creation. I wish my oppon...

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McDonald's is Unhealthy! I can prove it! We'll see how much you like McDonald's after you watch these videos!...

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PetersSmith Works for Juggle


PetersSmith should not accept this debate. Should she accept, it is an automatic win for me, since she cannot bear to read a debate about her authoritative persona on DDO.I think PetersSmith works for Juggle, as a OneSpace Employee.1st round is for acceptance.Rules

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woman is inferior


woman is inferior that is what i will be arguing for because there isn't any woman who is known for her intelligence! okay maybe like 1 marie curie no one else literally no one else! where are smart women? in the kitchen!...

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Bill Clinton's Surplus was bad.


I am going to argue that Bill clinton's balanced budget led to a recession, and, if one reads deeper, argue that a federal surplus is harmful to the economy. I am sure my opponent is familiar with the equation for GDP: C + I + G + (X-M) A federal surplus simply shows the government taxing more then it's spending. If we look at the 90's, we see the US trade deficit exploding. This, obviously, caused the trade deficit to subtract from the GDP, and the government, running the "surplus" kept sucki...

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The Republics Clone Army Is Far Superior To The Imperials Storm trooper Army


Clone Troopers are FAR superior to the Storm troopers in almost all ways. Their armour and vehicles are the only thing weighing them down (in the armours case, quite literally). Lets not forget first of all that technology wise the storm troopers may be advanced only because a lot of their weapons are vehicles are based of the clone armies technology. For example the AT-AT is based off the clone armies AT-ET. The clone armies are put into their own squads and trained to hold each other up and wo...

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Gay Marriage Should Be Illegal In ALL States


Being gay is wrong. It is disgusting. God frowns upon gay people and gay marriage. He is disappointed with anyone who is gay. He intended it to be one man and one woman getting married, not two men or two women. While most of this world thinks, "Oh, it's fine! No one will care." Someone does care: God....

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How does one prove the existence of color to a blind man?


Atheists are constantly demanding Christians prove the existence of God, but it is no more possible to prove to a spiritually blind man the existence of a spiritual reality than it is to prove to a physically blind mind the existence of color. It is not that evidence is lacking, for all of reality is proof of the existence of both God and color, but the blind man is literally unable to see it....

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