Should The President Of The United States Be Impeached?


What Do you think please be honest. This is a free work we have the right to talk about this stuff....

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The Ultimate Fight!!! Goku vs. Superman!! Goku wins!!


I have looked at countless debates of this topic, and I believe I have a fool-proof plan that is fair and reasonable! Send only your greatest debater. P.S The argument I use has worked twice so far. Rules are simple; they must remain in character, they are on the Earth, and they are going all out. Finally, please don't arrive and give liberal links, you know, that are missing a crucial point that may damage or refute your point...

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Using a gay activists logic, a pedophile should never be let out of prison.


It is often said by many gay activists that being gay is not a choice and that people are born that way and cannot help but be gay. If this were true then simple logic dictates that a pedophile is also born that way and they cannot help but be a pedophile. Heterosexuals are born to be heterosexuals and can't help but be heterosexual the same with being bi-sexual. A bi-sexual clearly makes a choice as to their preference on any given day. All of the above are sexual preferences. Why is it a homos...

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is the world a dangerous place because of those who do evil or look on and do nothing


NO IT IS NOT A DANGEROUS PLACE BECUASE IF THOSE WHO LOOKN ON AND DO NOTHING AT THIS PONT I REMEBER AQOUTE FROM ALBERT EINSTEN the world a dangerous place because of those who do evil or look on and do nothing AND I TOTALLY DIS agree with him...

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Sex education should be taught in schools.


I believe sex education should be taught in schools. Many would object to this stance, as it is a sensitive and touchy subject best left to the parents. I agree, schools should not have to teach students about sex, but the fact is a vast majority of parents won't discuss that subject with their children, and the children won't ask their parents about that subject. Sex education in schools is also important because it is taught to like-minded people of the same age group, meaning it will be mor...

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I think that the Giants will win the superbowl


My argument is simple. I think that the giants will win the superbowl. This debate is not about whether or not they will actually win the superbowl, just about what I think. Because i have never met my opponent, nor is he reading my mind, you should vote affirmative because i am telling you what i think. Good luck to whoever wants to take this debate....

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OliverHofer banned my other acount for spamming. I have a Trac-fone and am unable to use that same number for this account. Now I am totally serious on this account but am unable to vote. Sort of a flawed system... This IS NOT a debate....

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Rap, excluding hip hop and other variations of Rap, is not music.


Rap is simply poetry to the beat of a drum or repetetive beat or tune. Don't get me wrong, Rapping does take talent, way more talent than I have but it IS NOT music....

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The United States should remove Hugo Chavez from power


The resolution means that the United States should go into Venezuela and remove their president Hugo Chavez from political office and bar him fom ever being in a position of international power. Terrorists have been wrecking havoc on the world for years, and have killed many innocent people. Terrorists are not scared of death and will commit suicide for their cause, and will use any means to kill. They will use deadly weapons to achieve these means. The reason terrorists are able to obtain we...

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ok people this time im gonna win this debate against manutdredseal446 so he can pick the topic as long as its fair ig cant be ANTHING it gotta be somthin that s fairr.....

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