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About Me:Well lets see.... I think of myself as a romantic. Though im probobly just some lovesick idiot. I used to go by many names such as Vlad, December, Kyro, Kira etc. I write novels, songs, poems and quotes. Now I may not be the smartest person, my dad even told me everyone hates me because im stupid. But I consider myself musically talented. I play guitar, piano and I can sing. My favorite band of all time is Paramore. My favorite singer is Christopher Drew. I almost died 3 times. Choked once, Drowned twice. Almost killed myself twice. Probably gonna do it again soon.
Activities:Just piano, A little bit of chorus, I like writing books, songs, quotes and poems. I like to study Mythology, especially the stories of how things are created. I like to listen to music, especially when I want to get something out of my mind but when I have done something I shouldn't have done I sometimes..... ANYWAY.... I'm a pretty fast runner and can beat almost all of my friends except one person.
Beliefs:I actually dont really understand this topic very much but I will say this, I believe in fate and destiny. I also believe that if you die you get put into another body kinda thing so I believe in reincarnation.
Books:Once again anything romantic or drama, Some books would be, The Percy Jackson Series, Shakespear books such as Romeo and Juliet or Hamlet, The Kane Chronicles, The Warrior Series, the Demonata Series, and The Hunger Games. I also like Vampire books so definitely Twilight, The Chronicles Of Vladimir Tod, and Cirque Du Freak. Although, for "manga" (A Japanese type of picture book I guess?) Id say..... Rosario+Vampire (Fav is Moka), 1/2 Prince(One of the Ideas from my book came here ), W Juliet (Beautifull manga, about a guy that acts like a girl to be in drama.), Fruits Basket and Princess Princess So thats pretty much it for now...
Movies:I love Disney movies. They are the best. They always teach you something that is always meaningful and helpful in life. Plus when I was little I used to watch them so much I still have the old tapes like Lady and the Tramp and The Aristocats. My absolute favorites are Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, and Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas though. I love the songs they make they are awesome. Some non disney movies would be.... Twilight , Rattatulli (Or something Like that.. Even though it is disney, I still like it for the food.) and Death Note the movie. Im also a HUGE Alice in Wonderland fan. Shes the best. Her story is incredible also.
Music:I mostly listen to love songs. Favorite Bands/Singers: Paramore, Avril Lavigne, Never Shout Never, The Ready Set, The Summer Set. Favorite Songs: Anything by Never Shout Never and The Ready Set and Paramore, Why Cant I? by Liz Phair, Anything by Avril Lavigne.
Quotes:"Allow me to give you my card....
Oh you cant read? Pitty. It says,
You are now holding the card of the Awesome-Steller-Second-to-none-hot-cool-funny-incredible-magical-beautious-cuddly-warm-kitty-kat-like Secretary"
Sports Teams:Im not a big fan of sports. Though I do swim quite a lot, I love to swim. It makes me feel alive! I used to play golf, but I sucked at it so I quit... I used to play basketball and was pretty good but I just dont like sweat or having to sweat so I quit all the sweat related sports.... (Which wasnt a lot.)
TV Shows:The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, The Middle, Suburgatory, Glee, and The Sing Off. My Anime favorites are.... Death Note, Rosario+Vampire, Ouran High School Host Club, Princess Princess, and.... Umm..... Well, I guess thats it for now.
High School:
South Forsyth High School, Class of 2015
Cumming, Georgia, United States

Should gum be allowed in school


Gum should be allowed in school....

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2000s and 2010s music debate


This is a music debate. Each round, other than the first, we will post a video of a song that is from either the 2000s or 2010-2012. This is a fun debate and wish this not be played seriously. Have fun! First round acceptance. ...

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60's, 70's, and 80's music battle!


In this debate, Con and I will take turns posting songs from the 1960's, 1970's, or 1980's. Lyrics are not needed, and songs can be from any genre. Do not talk about the other persons song, as this is a purely subjective topic. It is up to popular opinion. Voters will choose which song selection they liked more, and give it the points for most convincing arguments. First round for acceptance....

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book are better than movies


books are better than movies because they are interactive and you can read at your own pace...

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Movies Versus Books


As this is my opponents first debate I will make this a basic debate. There will be three rounds. Round 1: AcceptanceRound 2: ArgumentsRound 3: Refutes and ConclusionsThere will be no abuse of semantics and linguistics and I would love if this would be a fun debate that we can enjoy. I wish the best of luck to my opponent though he may not even need it. This debate will be a debate to decide if movies or books are better. I will allow my opponent decide what side he will take and I will take the...

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Twisted Disney Princesses
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