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About Me:I was born in Topeka, Kansas. I am currently going to College at Bethany College in Lindsborg, Kansas. There I am working towards a degree in Business Economics. My activities that I am currently involved in there is SGA, Yu-Gi-Oh! Club, Business Club, and I'm working towards joining Greek Men Fraternity. I am well skilled in Cybersecurity as I was 1 out of 50 students selected from across the US to go the the USMC first ever Cyberpatriots Cyberdefense training camp. I enjoy debating and sharing my ideas with other people. It joys me to see it when I have impacted another person or have even changed their views. Since I have joined this site my views have also changed a great deal as I have gone from Socialist to Libertarian. I also enjoy economics and studying a great deal in topics that I am not well read in. I'm INTJ.
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Quotes:"If you are going through hell, keep going." "Sir Winston Churchill

"When you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss also gazes into you." "Friedrich Nietzsche

"Living well is the best revenge." "George Herbert

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." "Eleanor Roosevelt

"Don"t look for big things; just do small things with great love." "Mother Teresa

"Try to be a rainbow in someone"s cloud." "Maya Angelou

"And to the rest of the world, God gave you the shoes/That fit you, so put em on and wear 'em/And be yourself man, be proud of who you are/Even if it sounds corny,/Don't ever let no one tell you, you ain't beautiful."- Eminem
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Bethany College, Undergraduate Class of 2019
Lindsborg, Kansas, United States
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Topeka High, Class of 2015
Topeka, Kansas, United States

I think Rouge decks in Yu-Gi-Oh are better than Meta decks.


(I am no expert on the current meta, but I know what I know what I'm taking about it) I think there are deck that could be considered rouge that are possibly better than meta decks....

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Should the US Military have a draft ???


PRO: However the draft would be dangerous, the US Military needs to have a draft because the was is going to be horrible. CON: Yes many people choose to go to the war or the military the people that don't join voluntarily shouldn't have to go....

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Carbon Tax


Full text of the resolution: The USFG should institute a carbon tax Rules: No semantics No trolling No kritiks/counterplans No new arguments in the final round BoP is shared If lannan has any issues with the resolution or definitions he wishes to add, he must contact me to change it before we begin. Once the debate starts all rules and definitions are accepted. Structure: Round 1 - Acceptance Round 2 - Constructives Round 3 - Rebuttals Round 4 - More rebuttals Round 5 - Concl...

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Does God exist?


Alright. It's time to announce the Contender, chosen by me: I'll debate lannan13, as I'm intrigued of their arguments.Rules:1) Under lannan13's request, the definition of God will be "The mind that grounds reality". Though I want them to expand on this definition.2) The Burden of Proof is shared. I will have to show that God can't possibly exist. The Contender will have to make it seem plausible for God to exist. 3) No forfeiting or running out of time. You get all 72 hours to post.4) 1st r...

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Trans-Pacific Partnership.


This debate is impossible to accept, if you wish to accept, then please apply in the comments section or feel free to PM me. If you accept without my permission then you shall automatically forfeit the entire debate. Rules1. No forfeits2. Citations should be provided in the text of the debate3. No new arguments in the final speeches4. Observe good sportsmanship and act civilly/decorously in the debate5. No trolling6. No "kritiks" of the topic (challenging assumptions in the resolution)7. My...

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