teen gone to far.....with fathers permission


everyone by now knows miley cyrus / Hannah Montana 1. I believe she does not sing good at all! 2. she is a bad influence to her littiler fans such as dating a boy the age of 22 and she being 15 at the time 3.she posts pictures of her self in panties and a bra on the Internet or anyone to see ! is this her cry for help or is this just her cry for help!I don't know! did her father make her grow up to fast living his dream thru her who knows. if anyone partially agrees please give me Ur in si...

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assisted suicide


someone asked me if I would support my mother if she decided on assisted suicide by the hands of a doctor. and for awhile I was totally against it . but as the months go by and the more research I do on her illness the more I realize her desire to die his outweighing the desire to live and is it fair for me to ask her to stay and lose the battle one brittle bone at a time ????? is it inhumane to watch someone waste away when we have the means to end there suffering ???...

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Updated 7 Years Ago