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this should be the outline for reforming social security


if social security isn't reformed in the next couple decades, everyone will be forced to take a twenty five percent cut. what should we do about it? if we take as a premise as most people do that we should salvage the program, you run into a basic math problem. we can either ration it, or we can raise revenue, or both. as far as the rationing side of things, we can either let grandma get her check reduced, or we can focus on those who make more than they need. why are we paying trump and...

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God exists.


The resolution is that God exists. Pro will be arguing that God exists, while Con will be arguing that Pro has not established that God exists. By accepting this debate, Pro agrees that they have the burden of proof to establish that it is objectively more likely than not that God exists. The rules for assessing this are the standard rules of logic, including the rules of deductive and inductive inference. For example, a deductive argument must be deductively valid and have premises that we h...

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wait times are no real problem with single payer systems


the idea that we have to wait longer in a single payer system is mostly a myth. according to the Commowealth for most procedures the usa is well below average in wait times. for some specialized care, the usa is towards the top, but still not best. what can we conclude? -wait times is mostly a red herring- if we want decent access to doctors we shouldn't limit the supply of doctors like we have in the usa. let the free market work more in this regard. -every other developed country is eithe...

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the catholic church teaches that we r justified by faith and works


the catholic church teaches that we are justified by faith and works It is important to remember that Trent is responding to Marin Luther "saved by faith alone..." so you can expect that they are going to emphasize works. and, they go pretty far in doing so. Here are highlights from Trent, note 24 and 32: Canon 11. If anyone says that men are justified either by the sole imputation of the justice of Christ or by the sole remission of sins, excluding grace and charity which is poured into...

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the islamic belief of getting a bunch of virgins upon death shows it is a false religion


that islamic belief in getting a bunch of virgins upon death shows it is a false religion that is pandering to human desire. in the here and now, it would be wrong to have a bunch of virgins and have sex and such with all of them. so suddenly the afterlife makes it okay? it's like rewarding indulgence etc. it shows the religion is based on sand....

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