should people be allowed to sue fastfood restaurants


I do not believe that people should sue fast food restaurants. Lets start with the two reasons why people should not have the capability to sue fast food rerstaurants: 1) People sue because they eat a hamburger and get fat. 2) There is something in their food and they get disgusted. For those who gain weight go to weight loss programs, yet they don't lose weight. So instead of those suing fast food restaurants because they got fat, sue the weight loss programs because the program did not work an...

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Canada should help Libya before helping their own country first?!


In my opinion, Canada should help their own country first. They should help their country as quick as they can so then after that they could help Libya. I'm not saying that Canada should not help other countries although, if Canada has millions of dollars to send planes to Libya, can't they use some of that money to feed the hungry people that we have in Canada? Many people go home and not having anything to eat that night, the next night and/or the whole week! Although Libya is in danger as we...

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