$75,000 stolen from Walmart: Are Walmart Employees trained well enough?

  • Yes they are

    No amount of training will prepare someone for this kind of theft. What can anyone do in this situation? Walmart employees are basically trained anyway. All they do is sell retail, put things through a till and stack shelves. How can you train an employee for an armed robbery it is a ludicrous thing to suggest.

  • The job is simple

    Working at Walmart, for the most part, is relatively simple. I don't think that more advanced training is going to do too much good. Sure, employees should be more vigilant, as there are always people coming up with new ways to scam a person or business out of money. However, training isn't going to stop theft.

  • Walmart stores are short staffed and empoyees are underpaid, making less time for training.

    Walmart has been loosing money in the past few years and have cut their staff. Because workers have to focus so hard on keeping the shelves stocked and the customers accommodated, there is little time for training. New employees have little on the job training as they are thrust into their work simply because there is no one else to do it and it must be done now.

  • Walmart employees need more security training

    It's hard to believe that Walmart would be the target of a massive heist, but that's exactly what has happened: $75,000 was stolen from a store location in Bristow. This means that employees of the company need to be trained to become more alert to the activities of con men, so that something like this doesn't happen again.

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