"Empire" had its season premiere. Will season 3 be as good as last season?

  • Yes, Season 3 will be just as good or better than season 2.

    I understand that they have hired a new musical director and added new guest stars. By making these changes, the creators of Empire are giving viewers something new to look forward to. Some have criticized the show for being somewhat of a soap opera, but I think that's what makes it interesting. it is a soap opera with a unique twist.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    I’m amused by the notion that death wrote that scene on the balcony. I didn’t notice that writing credit. Also, it’s hard to call something “random” when you’re actually creating it. Unless they have a dart board with a bunch of assorted tragedies written on it. Maybe they almost landed on “Andre gets trampled by elephants” or “Lucious has a heart attack while riding a tilt-a-whirl.”

  • No it will not.

    Series often start to lose momentum when the get to the third season. Historically, many series star to decline once they get to the third season and there is little reason to believe empire will be any different from other shows. Characters start to become stereotypes and plots start to become formulaic.

  • No, Season 3 will not be as good as last season

    No, Season 3 will not be as good as last season. I think that all shows generally start to decline after the second season. It's usually apparent that the writers run out of story lines and things to move the show forward. Sometimes, great shows are good until the series finale, but most shows are not. I think Empire will start to decline in season 3.

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