"Fear of God" philosophy: Is the "fear of God" philosophy good (yes) or bad (no) for the world?

  • Yes, the fear of god philosophy is largely good for the world.

    While it is certainly possible to behave ethically and to have a moral code in the absence of religious belief, there is no denying that at least some portion of the world's inhabitants firmly believe that adherence to a particular religion saves them from a horrible fate. As some may avoid wrongdoing because of potential fines or jail time, others will avoid breaking the rules of their religion because of the penalties associated. It is perhaps not wholly logical at its core, but it is undeniably helpful in this regard.

  • "Fear of God" is the path to the dark side of the Force.

    Have you heard of Yoda saying that fear is one of the paths to the Dark Side? Fear makes people want to harm innocent LGBT people and other people that can't defend themselves. God is like Darth Sidious manipulating his people using the Death Star. That phrase is the propaganda used by fundamentalists to gain more people into their movement and possibly starting World War III.

  • Fear of God is bad

    I think that the "Fear of God" philosophy is bad. I think that teaching by fear is bad. Teaching by love and respect is much better. If people are taught not to kill because something bad would happen to them from God, then they aren't killing because they are afraid. But if they are taught in a different manner, then they would not be killing because they decided it was not a good choice.

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