"Heterosexual pride day" was celebrated this year. Should it be discontinued?

Asked by: Addy44
  • No reason straight people can't celebrate their sexuality

    I guess anyone can celebrate any aspect of themselves but
    there's less need to celebrate being straight though as it hasn't been demonized by people whereas being homosexuality has and still is and by one of the biggest things in the world. Religion. Homosexual acts (in the UK anyway) used to be illegal and was only legalized in 1967 (? I know it was definitely late 60) and really that isn't long ago was it.

    Celebrating something publicly (like gay pride) has a lot do with it being more accepted in society and giving a middle finger to people who disagree with it I've never known of a case where a straight person has been targeted for being straight. And clearly it has worked for the homosexuals and I'm glad it has. Most people now couldn't care less if people are gay or not, even a lot of religious folks.

  • Heterosexual Have Pride Everyday.

    The thing is, LGBT+ didn't get equal rights when gay marriage was legalized. LGBT+ didn't get equal rights when sleeping with someone of the same gender stopped being a crime. LGBT+ isn't equal yet because transgender people cannot use their rightfully assign bathrooms. LGBT+ isn't equal because when we come home from pride, we have to immediate cover up any evidence of us going there in fear of getting harmed or killed in our own cities and towns. LGBT+ isn't equal because we are still getting harmed and killed for the simple fact that we're either trans, experience same-gender attraction, or both. LGBT{ isn't equal yet because we grow up in places where our community is looked down upon. LGBT+ isn't equal yet because we group up learning , understanding, and seeing that Heterosexuality is the norm. LGBT+ isn't equal because Heterosexuals can walk around freely or share their sexuality without fear of being harmed or killed for being straight. Pride isn't trying to say were special, pride is a safe place for us, a place that shows were not alone, a place that shows we can be accepted by other people, a place for us to have fun without worrying about heterosexuals degrading us or making fun of us. Heterosexuality and cis-gender are literally the norm and shoved in our faces everyday. You guys aren't oppressed, you guys can say your heterosexual without someone saying you're going to burn in hell, without someone becoming disgusted with you or treating you differently. You guys don't need pride, you already have one and have had one, and it's everyday. Stop trying to take away what makes us feel accepted, wanted, not lonely,and normal. Heterosexuals were born accepted, grew up accepted and are accepted. Heterosexuals are accepted without a doubt, same goes for cis-gender people.

  • It was made in parody.

    It was made to tell those in the LGBT that they are not special. LGBT is pretty normalized and they have the rites now so stop trying to act like you need special treatment. It was made to say 'we get it, you gay, who cares' so we can stop acting as if they were a strange group. I feel like it negatively impacts the LGBT community to get bothered over a parody because they think they are special snowflakes.

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Vox_Veritas says2016-07-06T20:50:14.250
There's no more reason to have a heterosexual pride day than there is a "Mammal Pride Day". Nor should people publicly display their pride over living a sinful lifestyle.