"Lights Out" receives rave reviews: Is horror's renaissance going to have a lasting effect on the genre?

  • Yes, it is.

    Horror is at all time high in terms of popularity, which will boost the popularity of this game. "Lights Out' is set to be one of the top grossing games of all time. Horror is really coming into its own with video games and designers are learning how to improve and stretch the medium.

  • Yes, the artistic endeavors pursued in recent horror films, made possible by new technology, will be a lasting change for the horror genre.

    Yes, horror's renaissance is going to have a lasting effect on the genre. There are new elements to the horror films today. "Lights Out" received rave reviews. The use of shadows and darkness contrasting with light in the movie was dramatic and modern. The capabilities of movie production at this time differ from that of the past and it is impacting all movie genres. Those who have boycotted horror in the past, however, are given scenarios that might appeal that simply didn't exist before thanks to the special effects that once were not possible. The typical plot is not relied on as much as the artistic quality and the renaissance of horror is having a lasting effect.

  • Yes, Horror seems to be back to stay

    Lately, it seems most of the movies in the cinema are horror or horror related. Thanks to films such as Lights Out and others such as Anabelle, people are displaying a renewed interest in the genre. With the increased support these films are getting, it seems horror is here to stay.

  • No, horror movies have looked the same since the 'Nightmare on Elmstreet' films.

    Horror's renaissance will not have a lasting effect on the genre. In fact, horror movies have all been the same since "Nightmare on Elmstreet." There is always some ark figure lurking in the shadows, a predictable plot, and someone who is the lone survivor. Horror movies are largely predictable these days. "Lights Out" is a mirror of "The Conjuring." Sadly, the only lasting effect on the genre has already come with "Omen." "Amityville Horror," and "Nightmare on Elmstreet." There seems to be no originality in the genre now.

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