• More Trees Grow

    Will taking care of the Environment/Earth we prevent from destroying our trees and that way we would have more oxygen and the 95% of trees, in the area of Yuma, AZ. Were destroyed, because we didn't recycle, and many trees were cut down because of us, DON'T LET THAT HAPPEN

  • Yes, recycling needs to be mandatory.

    In many communities such as mine recycling is mandatory. Of course, no one is going to go through your garbage to make sure everything has been recycled. But there needs to be some recycling put out and you generally need to try. It is a good idea for the environment and so should be made mandatory like many other activities.

  • Sustain our Planet!

    We can save so many trees and habitats if we recycle! Think of all the paper you use in one year alone from school, work etc. People need to be less lazy and also stop burning all your school work, recycle instead!Recycling is an easy way for the public to help sustain our planet for the generations to come.

  • Of course there should be!

    I think a lot of people are extremely lazy and are completely unaware of how bad the climate change situation actually is. I think this would be a fantastic way to get everyone involved in making sure that we take care of our world. So many people take for granted what we have

  • Yesssss we need a better earth!!!

    COME ON GUYS!! WE ARE POLUTTING AS WE SPEAK! Think of the people in China! We are killing ourselves slowly and others too! We are all going to die because of this and others! Recycling would renew this and we would be reusing the resources we already have. Sounds pretty good to me!

  • Presereve Our Beauty

    If we want life to continue on and show all of the beauty of the truth. Not to see the gracefull beauty on a screen telling our children of what once was on this earth. Instead help recycle cleans the earth from all the dark waters of corruption. To show all the corrupted the light of the beauty we have now.

  • It's just the smart thing to do..

    How hard is it to throw your waste into a different kind of recycling bin instead of a garbage can? It's really not. Quit being stupid and lazy and "anti-green" and use your brain a little. Our world can be better for every single individual if more people would recycle.

  • Loss of Resources!

    Without the small percentage of the world that is recycling doing what they do, the world would be in a much worse state than it already is! If we can make recycling mandatory the amount of waste and garbage going into our oceans and earth would lessen dramatically. Global recycling would make the planet more sustainable and actually live-able for future generations. At the rate that the environmental health of the world is decreasing now, this could be the difference between a world of garbage or a live-able world in 100 years.

  • Yes, yes, yes

    If people don't recycle we will kill the earth we are living on, without recycling and the little bit that we are doing the earth would already be dead, we need to work together, become one and not individuals! Love the earth we live on because without it we wouldn't be alive. Peace out!

  • Expanding Environmental Awareness

    I understand that recycling certain items lacks some reason. Glass for instance, there's not much to do with it. But other products, especially plastic and aluminum, have great results when recycled, saving energy and minerals. I would heavily support a mandate on these resources, but done so with reasons and explanations.

  • This could not be reinforced.

    It would take so much time to look through everyone's garbage to check if they were recycling or not. It would be nice if this idea were manageable, but most people who don't recycle already are not going to change because of some petty law. Also, do you people realize that if it were illegal to throw out recyclables all of us would be guilty? You cannot honestly say you have never thrown a recyclable out. There are not enough police officers to deal with fools not recycling at the same time as dealing with robberies and murders. Additionally, if this were a law in the US, other countries could still throw out all the junk they wanted to. And even if the whole world were to stop throwing out anything at all, it would still take decades for all of the stuff we've already piled on our planet to break down. Recycle as you please, people. Our planet cannot be de-trashed.

  • Lol nope .

    People should be able to do whatever they want. And it's really inconvenient for people to travel 10+ miles just to recycle. It gets too costly for some people. Recycling can cause some trouble for people. Also people might have to pay additional taxes for recycling. I understand that it saves our planet/environment but still.

  • More Trees Grow

    Will taking care of the Environment/Earth we prevent from destroying our trees and that way we would have more oxygen and the 95% of trees, in the area of Yuma, AZ. Were destroyed, because we didn't recycle, and many trees were cut down because of us, DON'T LET THAT HAPPEN

  • Leave it to local governance

    A lot of these decisions are best made locally. Some towns do not have the funds to set up a recycling program, and it were mandated by the state or the federal government, those making the mandate should be willing to fund the projects as well. Unfunded mandates never help anybody.

    Posted by: rpr
  • No, recycling should be localized and profitable.

    In my neighborhood we have cans to put recycle stuff in and set out for collection, and also cans for yard waste. They collect the recyclables and then get whatever profit is derived from them. While I do use them, it is somewhat annoying because effectively when I sort my trash I am working for my city as a part time worker that earns them money. The city never discusses what becomes of that money, or that aspect of the procedure. In order to recycle my own stuff I have to travel some distance, and things such as newspapers bring so little profit that it doesn't pay to bother. I recycle in the interest of the environment, but the money made from the city collecting it should do something to better the community. If recycle places were easier to access, I believe more people would recycle.

  • This planet IS NOT fragile!!

    First, it wouldn't really affect the oxygen as much as you think, because we get between 50-85% of oxygen from phytoplankton. Phytoplankton are tiny plants that live in the ocean and they produce oxygen. So we possibly get more oxygen from the ocean than we get from all of the trees in the world! Burning them isn't really a bad idea, you can get heat when it's cold, plus you get rid of garbage, or you could use it to start a fire and make mountain pies, which are very tasty! So really one person not recycling won't make a difference. I've never recycled one single thing in my life and I'm not planning to and I would go to the garbage can before I go to a recycling can. I would even put the garbage in my pocket if there is no garbage available. Also no one I know recycles. It's not as fragile as people believe.

  • Its a good idea but it'll be too hard to reinforce.

    I totally agree that recycling is a good thing and I think it is definitely encouraged, but making it mandatory is a bit too much. How are we going to check if people are actually doing it? It will be way too hard to actually find out who is recycling or not. Plus, where I live, there are garbage cans basically everywhere outside, as to prevent littering, and if I were to buy a recyclable item I wouldn't carry it all the way home with me, I<d just throw it into the nearest garbage can cause its way easier and more time efficient.

  • Maybe , maybe not

    So im doing this essay right and i went to this website right and i came here right and i just wanted to say yes becuase you knoe right we should like protect like our envirement like i know this is a big topic to talk a bout and some people take this seriosly so dont sue me please GET RECKT!

  • Poop is poop

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  • It's hard for people to recycle

    Many people have problems recycling. For example, my grandparents have to drive 10 miles to the nearest dump every time they want to want to get rid of trash, and 15 miles to recycle. They have to pay money every time. The way they usually get rid of things is by burning them, and adding mandatory recycling will be a burden on them. Also, how can you check that there is nothing that you can recycle on the trash?

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