U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York called the "Sheriff of Wall Street": is Wall Street rigged?

  • It is definitely rigged.

    I think that sadly, Wall Street is definitely rigged. There are some regulations that keep Wall Street under control, but money talks in this country and around the globe. I think that stronger regulations are needed, along with checks and balances, so that everyone has a chance to make money.

  • Many corrupt people on Wall Street

    Wall Street is all about big money, and getting it fast. There are many people on Wall Street that are corrupt, only out for themselves, wanting to make a huge profit at the expense of anyone and anything. These are the people that run Wall Street, making sure that only the most prominent figures truly succeed.

  • Wall Street is not perfect, but not rigged either.

    The financial sector has tens of millions of people working within it. Are there a few bad apples? Sure, like in every industry. But Wall Street is a crucial part of the American economy at every level. It produces many jobs and vast amounts of capital. We can't attack it.

  • Wall Street is not rigged

    Wall Street is not rigged. It's time for people to grow up and stop this Wall Street is evil nonsense. The whole idea is to make money. And no one does it better than Wall Street. To say it is rigged is to say that your government is completely and totally incompetent for not being able to deal with it, especially given the incredible regulation over the financial markets.

  • No, Wall Street is not rigged.

    Many people accuse Wall Street of being rigged; however, the facts do not support this accusation. Yes, some investors have been taken advantage of by some dishonest Wall Street fund managers. However, this is not the norm. The vast majority of people that invest in the U.S. Stock Markets have built wealth over the long term. One must just invest smart by not taking on too much risk, and investing with a long-term time horizon. In short, Wall Street is not rigged because anyone can build wealth by investing over a long period of time in the stock market.

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