Zika funding bill blocked: Should the U.S. Senate pass a bill to increase funding to fight the virus?

  • Yes, it's an imminent danger

    The Senate needs to think ahead and imagine the possible consequences of their inaction. In a few months, Zika could pose significant health hazards for American citizens. Failing to act now could have devastating results down the road. If the lives of children are important to our leaders, they need to work together and find a solution for more funding.

  • Yes, Zika is a growing threat to babies.

    Yes, Zika is a growing threat in the United States to soon-to-be-born babies. It would be devastating to have higher than average incidences of babies born with significantly impaired brains. These individuals will need lifelong care, and their quality of life is severely compromised as a direct result of the Zika virus. For these reasons, the Senate should enable funding to fight this horrible virus.

  • Yes, but the legislation should only focus on Zika

    The Zika bill didn't just focus on funding to fight the virus. It also contained provisions that would hinder access to contraception for women and weaken environmental restrictions on pesticide use. Zika is likely to become a crisis if it's not contained, but this happens all the time. One party loads a bill with objectionable content or politically charged elements that cut out the heart of the legislation, so it doesn't pass. Congress needs to get off its collective butt and fight Zika, but stop adding controversy.

  • This could become an epidemic

    Something has to be or the Zika virus is going to keep spreading and continue to harm babies who are born to mothers with the virus. It just doesn't make sense that the House hasn't taken action, and if the Senate needs to do it they should step up and get the funding to doctors and researchers to find a vaccine or quicker treatment.

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