1978 TV series "Holocaust" aired in West Germany in 1979: Was this appropriate?

  • Someone thought it was appropriate

    Germany will forever remain under the dark shadow of Hitler's legacy of the atrocities committed under his dictatorship. Anytime that dark period in history is brought to the forefront, there will be hard feelings, understandably. Perhaps the airing of 'Holocaust' in 1978, while questionable, was Germany's way of coming to terms with that awful period of time.

  • Germans Should Be Exposed to Their History

    German citizens should be exposed to their history, regardless of whether or not it is pleasant to watch. The Holocaust was a horrific crime perpetrated against Jews in Europe by the Nazi regime, and Germans should own that history. Furthermore, if Germans didn't want to watch the television show, they could avoid if they wanted. No one forced them to watch the mini-series.

  • HIstory Lessons Decades Later

    Airing the Holocaust in West Germany proved helpful later on in mending the divisions between East and West Germany. Today we see a single country and the wall is gone. History must be continuously taught so that younger generations do not fall victim to repeating past mistakes like WWII and the divisions of countries like Germany.

  • Yes, this show was appropriate.

    The 1978 Television series, "Holocaust" aired in West Germany in 1979. Some may believe that this show was inappropriate for Germans to watch at that time period; just a few decades removed from World War II. However, it was appropriate to air this television series so that people could learn from history, and see the horrors of the most tragic event in the history of mankind. Everyone should have an understanding of how terrible this event was, so that people will ensure such a thing could never happen again.

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