2016 Presidential Election: Would you prefer a giant meteor hitting Earth over having Trump or Clinton for president?

  • Yes, I would take the meteor over Trump.

    I am sorry to say this but that is where I am right now. Even the thought of having Trump as my president is something I won't even consider. It's like how could this even happen, how could he even be the one the Republican party chose? I thought it was all joke, what am I saying I still think of him running for president as a huge joke.

  • Liberals are scared shitless of the Anti-PC Saviour that is Trump

    With the rise of new-wave fascism called "political correctness", many people fear of losing their jobs, homes and family just by saying a wrong sentence. This kind of Orwellian society that the west is starting to become, where criticism of the popular narrative is effectively shut-down, where people have to start self-censoring themselves, where children already are indoctrinated with dogmatic beliefs, is starting to become a living hell for free speech and freedom of expression. Voting Trump is the only way to stop this.

  • No, I would not prefer a giant meteor hitting earth.

    I would prefer to live a long time. While Trump and Clinton could do a lot of damage, and in my opinion Trump more than Clinton, a gaint meteor would leave me dead or dying. Second best is that I would have to live under apoclyptic conditions, and that would be depressing and difficult.

  • No, but I'm not happy with the two choices.

    I would obviously prefer for Earth and humanity to survive than to avoid a Trump or Clinton presidency, but neither of those choices is appealing to me. Having Clinton as president wouldn't be a disaster, but having Trump as president could be a disaster. Still, I wouldn't want humanity to be wiped out just to avoid this potential disaster.

  • Hillary can hold us down

    Let's see...I think I would choose Hillary over complete annihilation. She is more than competent. I know it doesn't seem that way after all the character assassination that her enemies have done to her. All the great leaders (and not so great ones) have worked with her for years and have respect and fear for her, unlike Donald Trump.

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