3-month limit on abortions: Should abortions be limited to 3 months within conception?

  • Yes, abortion after the first trimester is murder

    First, I can't believe this is even a debate. Abortion is wrong. It's the taking of a life. Life begins at conception, not at birth. If that baby has a heart beat, it's alive. How can someone deny that baby the right to live in this world? Restrictions like these prevent women from carrying a baby and killing it after she decides she doesn't want to go through with it.

  • Better For The Women and Children

    At three months many pregnancies are basically either experiencing many problems, or are ruled a mistake. This basically eliminates the need for the abortions. This also has a less mentally ruined, also the child may have never excised, which eliminates the need for an abortion, or the child has something wrong with them and the family has no money to perform a sea-section. And this is coming from someone you completely Pro-Life.

  • Makes total sense

    As long as a baby is unformed and the fetus is not 'human' yet, I see no problem with abortion. Beyond that point I do think it should be illegal and/or another alternative that does not result in the death of one human being for the sake of another should be found.

  • If you are going to get an abortion. Why wait?

    3 months seems enough to me. That is all I have. If you want an abortion you have 3 months to get it. Baby is not fully formed. This is good. I am not Pro-Life but this sounds like a smart plan to me. I think 3 months is a good restriction.

  • Abortion needs to be restricted

    Abortion cannot be allowed indefinitely, and there needs to be a fine line between terminating a few cells and killing a breathing, living human being. Abortion fanatics, on the pro abortion side, would have us believe such restrictions would eventually mean the end of abortion, but in reality most European countries have such restrictions.

  • Yes, the baby deserves a chance at life.

    Yes, abortions should be limited to three months from conception. A baby that is three months old in the womb is a human life, and any limitation that can be placed on abortion is a positive one. Right now, if a woman wants an abortion, they can get one quickly. It is unfair to the baby to make them suffer by waiting until later in pregnancy.

  • That's completely idiotic.

    The main reason they choose three months is it's not formed and we can't feel a heartbeat. That doesn't mean it's not going to have one or that it won't form soon, and you're not killing something that would soon be human. From almost any worldview it's wrong, clearly seen in religious texts and, as an Agnostic, I don't want to ruin what could be something's only chance at any sort of life. People chose this because they won't have to feel guilty about killing a "human," so they kill a "fetus." The only acceptable reason for abortion, in my opinion, is if there is a good chance the mother will die in birth, then she can choose to save her own life or her baby's.

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