50 Year Old Record-Busting Bottled Terrarium: Could terrariums support new ideas for plant growth in barren ecosystems?

  • With less resources on hand we need to look at new options

    Unfortunately, the human race seems to be much better at using up natural resources at a much faster rate than fostering new ideas for resources. We sure like to talk about finding ways of fueling that doesn't involve oil drilling, but we just can't seem to utilize these ways in the large-scale. In hundreds of years we may have depleted our resources for horticulture and may find new avenues. The terrarium is one idea that should be explored further. Another one I have seen successes with is growing tomatoes in water, and only water. Of course, if we use up our sources of freshwater too, growing vegetation via the hydro-pod method wouldn't be feasible either.

  • Yes, the could.

    New research into terrariums could help find ways to grow plants in barren ecosystems. This would be great not only for people living in deserts or cold climates, or it could be a great way to create and sustain life on another planet. It needs to be explored and studied more.

  • In our modern world we need new ideas

    Terrariums could certainly be a possible answer to how to feed a growing world populace. With climate change and deforestation affecting arable land across the globe, terrariums could become part of the solution for growing food in areas that do not have ideal growing conditions. Communities need to find several creative solutions to provide food for people around the world.

  • No, terrariums cannot support new ideas for plant growth in barren ecosystems.

    The 50-year old bottled terrarium is an enclosed terrarium with its own atmosphere. The principals that make it work and flourish cannot be applied to the Earth's barren ecosystems, because it is not possible to completely close off part of the world in a large scale. Using this technology on a barren ecosystem would mean enclosing the system in an impenetrable bubble, which is just not feasible.

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