60 women have now alleged assaults by Bill Cosby: Is the comedian's demise still relevant enough to demand its consistent news coverage?

  • Yes, it is.

    It is not about the comedian's demise, it is about exposing the widespread and systamatic abuse of these women and women like them. Their stories deserve to be heard so that we can learn from this, and that things like this stop happening. Women deserve more respect and if this is what it takes to get it, than so be it.

  • Yes, I think it is relevant because it follows a highly pouplar comedian and a problem with the Hollywood system

    This consistent news coverage has slowed in recent months but it is important because it highlights a problem in the Hollywood system where this type of behavior was known but ignored. It also highlights the problem when society refused to believe the women coming forward until the sheer number (and similar stories) started to show proof of Cosby's behavior. This is an issue that the world should be more aware of and should understand more thoroughly.

  • Yes, it merits consistent coverage

    The Bill Cosby story is horrible but fascinating because he projected the image of the perfect husband and dad. Little did the public suspect that a predator was behind the genial facade. The sheer number of women who allege that they were victims of this serial rapist merits coverage, regardless of Cosby's fame.

  • Yes, Bill Cosby's alleged assaults are still relevant and worthy of consistent news coverage.

    Yes, Bill Cosby's alleged assaults against women are still relevant and worthy of consistent news coverage. The more that issues like this are given coverage in the media, the safer the world will be for the victims of assault who might otherwise be afraid to come forward and demand justice. It is important to create an atmosphere of intolerance towards sexual abuse, especially in our high profile cutural role models.

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