• Yes, if a 70 year old does not want to be with his wife any more

    Yes, if a 70 year old does not want to be with his wife any more and he would rather go to prison so long as her did not commit a crime against her in order to choose prison over her. It is hard to say without more facts about the matter.

  • No, his decision was not justified.

    No, the bank robber's decision was not justified. Unless his wife threatened his life, there is no reason to choose prison over the comfort of a home. He may regret his decision soon. Once he sees that he must eat when he is ordered, he will understand that his wife was more understanding than his prison guards.

  • This is a false dichotomy

    This man, who stated that he robbed a bank in order to go to jail rather than live with his wife, has created a funny but telling discussion around choice. The idea that he had only two options is a construction of his own making. The only situation that would justify such a tale would be if he was the subject of emotional or physical abuse, which have so far not been reported.

  • Decision to choose prison over marriage not justified

    A man's decision to choose prison over marriage is not justified. There does not appear to be abuse, but even if there were, he had other options. Instead, he scared a woman and caused the police to respond. He could have chosen to leave rather than staying in an unhappy marriage.

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