7100 cities join climate change alliance: Is the world too late in reversing the damages of climate change?

  • Yes, we are too late to reverse some of the effects of climate change.

    There are some problems that climate change has caused that we can never reverse. The hole in the ozone layer, for example, likely cannot be repaired. Additionally, it is likely that the Earth will suffer from warmer temperatures for many years to come, even if we all band together and work to reverse climate change. We might never replace the melted parts of the ice caps. However, if we take action now, we can diminish the severity of these symptoms and give the Earth a chance to heal.

  • It's never too late

    We have to stop climate change, and there is no better time than now. Just saying that it's too late means that we have given up and don't care about the fate of Earth as we know it. We may not be able to reverse everything that we've done, but we can certainly slow the process.

  • We can save the climate

    I believe that if drastic measures are taken we still have the chance of saving our planet's climate. For example, just look how the nature around Chernobyl and the neighboring town of Pripyat have recovered in 30 years since that disaster. That example shows us how the environment can recover if people are not there to pollute it. Of course, I don't believe that nuclear disaster is the answer, but what I do believe is that we should stop the uncotrollable growth of the industry.

  • No, the World is not too late to reverse the damages of climate change.

    The World is not too late to reverse the damages of climate change, because most of the effects have not yet been felt. Computer models predict problems related to climate change if current CO2 emissions levels are not reduced. However, there is still time for the World to implement reductions in carbon emissions which can curb the impacts of climate change.

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