• Yes, the US created ISIS

    Isis is a terrible organization that should be stopped but the US benefits from it. Isis is an excuse for them to make Muslims look like terrorists when they are not. In the Quran, it is bad for a Muslim just to hurt a tree if it is not going to be used. Isis are not Muslims. ISIS is just making the middle east weaker so why would it be created by Muslims.

  • Yes, ISIS is a creation of the US.

    I can say it over and over again without blinking that ISIS is a creation of the United State government. America supported rebels after falling out ruling regimes which refused to be manipulated by Washington. After supplying the rebels with weapon, successful uprising forced out out the governments upon which the US tried to shortchange the rebels and that marked the genesis of the terror group.

  • The US did not Invent ISiS but it fueled the machine.

    ISIS was not created as a result of the US but rather the US's actions which were coupled by some of it's allies. The only reason ISIS is still around isn't because they are hard to deal with rather governments like the US are making money of them after all who do you think ISIS buy guns from?

  • The government took advantage of 9/11

    The US government took advantage of the fears created in the 9/11 attacks and legislated a lot less personal freedom in the name of security. But the government didn't "create" ISIS -- unless, by responding strongly to the terrorists, it opened the door for other terrorist groups to form and blackmail the US and its citizens.

  • No, the US did not invent ISIS

    No, the US did not invent ISIS. ISIS was created in response to the US' response to 9/11. So indirectly, the US' actions created ISIS. However, the US did not knowingly create ISIS. It was the US' stupidity that created ISIS. ISIS was an organic response to the US getting involved in the middle east.

  • No, the US did not invent ISIS.

    No, the US did not invent ISIS. ISIS is a horrifying organization that must be stopped at all costs. The US is working against terrorist organizations like ISIS and should not be to blame for the rise of evil across the world. We must all work together to defeat ISIS.

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