9-year-old's shooting death: Are police doing enough to find the killer?

  • I hope they're doing all they can

    Sadly, in the US I'm not sure which shooting death this question refers to. It could be LA, MO, IL or somewhere else. I have to hope that in each tragedy, the police are doing all they can to find the shooter and bring him/her to justice. It's unbelievably sad that there are so many children losing their lives in violence.

  • It depends on which nine-year-old boy you're referencing.

    Many young boys have lost their lives to unnecessary gun violence. Tyshawn Lee was one who died last year. They charged someone with his death. Jaeden Sharpe died this year, as well. They charged someone with that. Another one died not too long ago. Which shot-dead-nine-year-old boy of the many are we talking about?

  • Yes, I'm sure the police are working hard on this.

    Yes, the police department is working hard to find the killer. It takes a great deal of time, effort, people-hours, interviewing, investigating, and very detailed lab and detective work to solve a crime. It is my belief that in this case, the police are doing everything they can to find the killer.

  • Police are not doing enought to find 9-year-old's killer

    Chicago was shocked when 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee was gunned down. Police and politicians stated that they would find the killer who, it is thought, shot Tyshawn in retaliation against his older brother. There was much activity for the first few weeks, but then the story dropped out of the news. And police and the public apparently moved on to the next newsworthy shooting.

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