A 14-month-old Italian baby arrives at a Milan hospital seriously malnourished: Should his parents face child neglect charges?

  • Yes, the child's parents were not being responsible.

    This 14-month-old baby was malnourished because his parents chose to keep him on a vegan diet which did not provide enough nutrients. While it is acceptable for adults to choose a vegan diet and influence the diets of their children, they are responsible for responding to the physical needs of their children. The parents should have noticed that their child was malnourished and made adjustments to its diet.

  • Yes malnourishment should automatically face neglect charges.

    With the many doctors visits that are supposed to happen in the first year of a baby's life, the cause of malnourishment should have been discovered and dealt with long before the age of 14 months. If there is an underlying issue causing the malnourishment and it is found to not be the result of direct neglect, then the charges should be dropped. However, it may well be medical neglect if the child has not been seen by a doctor before it is too late.

  • Yes, the child's parents should face charges.

    It is unacceptable for parents not to give their children the proper nutrition. A baby is totally unable to fend for itself and does not have a choice in how it's parents feed and cannot speak up for itself. In any situation like this, the parents should face child neglect charges. It is the hospital's responsibility when presented with this situation to report it to the proper authorities.

  • Yes, his parents should face child neglect charges.

    The parents of a 14-month-old Italian baby should face child neglect charges because the baby was malnourished when arriving at the hospital. When people decide to have children, they must take full responsibility in raising them. A big part of raising kids includes proper food and nutrition. Therefore, when parents fall short of this responsibility, they must be held accountable.

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