A 17 year old who filmed himself raping a 1 year old child won't get prison time. Has the justice system gotten too soft on criminals?

  • The sentencing in this case appears far too lenient.

    Although technically still a minor, a 17-year-old person under normal circumstances can be expected to know that molesting an infant is illegal, unethical and morally abhorrent in current society. While a blanket statement that the entire justice system has become too benign cannot reasonably be made based just on one case, this case can stand as an example of sentencing that does not come close to rising to the egregiousness of the crime.

  • The justice system is so soft right now.

    It's ridiculous that a 17 year old who raped a small child (and then was stupid enough to film it) won't be getting any jail time when there are people serving over a year in prison for marijuana use. Brock Turner also got only six months (and only served three months) after his horrific act. It's scary that people like that are on our streets, and even when they're caught, the justice system won't send them to jail.

  • Yes, it has.

    They talk about being given a second chance ....... thier victims don`t have a second chance. Would you think this way if you were the victim? of course not !!!! I don`t care how young you were , i have always known not to kill people or be a criminal. The problem is we're not harsh enough on murderers or rapist. , That`s why our crime rate is out of control , especially on young criminals. If you let them off (not putting them to death like they should be) then our crime rate will jump even more.

  • Yes, the justice system has gotten too soft on criminals.

    If I am answering based on the instance in the question, then heck yes! Anyone who commits a crime as heinous as sexually abusing a baby deserves the maximum in punishment. At 17 you are certainly old enough to know your sick and perverse idea of fun is going to damage that poor baby permanently.

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