A 90-year-old man was hit with a prostitution solicitation charge. Should the police have let him off with a warning because of his age?

  • A 90 year old should have been given a warning

    A 90 year old man charged with prostitution solicitation should have been given a warning due to his age. There will be no benefit to society by putting him on trial, particularly if it results in jail time. He is not a danger, and a warning should be sufficient to end the matter.

  • Yes, the police should have just issued a warning.

    The police should have just issued a warning to the 90-year-old man hit with a prostitution solicitation charge. If a 90-year-old is soliciting a prostitute, its kind of like you can't teach an old dog new tricks. In other words, if someone that old is set in their ways, they probably can't really be changed by charging them with a crime. The elderly man should have just been issued a warning.

  • No, the law should apply to everyone, regardless of age.

    If we're going to have these laws, they should apply to all adults, regardless of age. This man should be punished for breaking the law. Having said that, prostitution should be legalized and regulated. There's no reason why it should be illegal. Plus, if it is legal and regulated by the government, it will be much safer for everyone involved.

  • No; the law must be applied evenly to all persons, without regard to age and other criteria

    It is only fair that all U.S. citizens are treated equally according to law. Additionally, the man could be affiliated with other individuals - of various demographics - that may be solicit the same or other prostitution rings, heightening activity. While incarcerating persons of this age is not sensible, not punishing the man with at least a stiff fine does not help a problem that is widespread in most large cities and even some towns.

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