A burglar dies after a homeowner ties him to a tree. Should the homeowner face criminal charges?

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  • Homeowner did not intend to kill burglar

    A homeowner should have the right to detain a person who has broken into their home and attempted to harm or rob them. The cause of the burglar's death is not clear and the homeowner was only trying to detain him, not kill him. It is a tragedy, but a tragedy that would have been avoided if the burglar had not tried to rob the home.

  • No, the homeowner should not face criminal charges.

    Every homeowner has the right to defend his home when an intruder breaks in. Criminals should think twice before breaking in to someone's home, because the owner could use deadly force. Therefore, the home owner that tied an intruder to a tree should not face any criminal charges. The burglar should have known the risks before going into the home.

  • The homeowner should not face criminal charges

    The burglar was a threat to the homeowner therefore there should be no charges. The only exception to this statement should be if the homeowner purposely allowed the burglar to die. The homeowner has the right to protect themselves from a burglar and the burglar got himself into the trouble by trespassing.

  • No, the homeowner was defending himself against a burglar.

    Homeowner should have the right to defend themselves against burglars in whatever way they can. The criminal should have no recourse when hurt or even killed during the commission of a felony. Although the homeowner probably will face criminal charges, he should be found innocent of anything because he was simply defending himself and his home.

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