• Yes and No.

    Yes, in the sense that if we are going to live in a society that runs smoothly we need to invest in some kids to know how to keep certain social structures from falling apart. No, in the sense that an independent family must take responsibility for raising their children right.

  • A child is a responsibility of the society !

    A child is a responsibility of the society. Because child is the future of our world. If we did"t care of them they fell to wrong way and then we will dark our future. Child needs love,protection,care ,etc....... .So society wants to fulfill their needs as we are the members of the society we have a huge responsible to love them and protect them,,,

  • A child is the responsibility of the parent

    While I like the idea of a culture that supports the family unit, the growth of kids into good adults, we need to keep responsibility firmly focused on the parents. Hate to invoke the Nazis and the Communists, but a base tactic of these groups (and seemingly our own governments these days, in certain ways) is to get parents to hand their responsibility over to the state.

    This ends bad. Every time.

    If you are talking about small community groups providing mutual support, though, I am all for it. Ultimate responsibility will always be on the parents, though. And it has to be.

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