A church sign saying 'Satan made gays' was covered in black paint. Is the church's sign covered by free speech?

  • Yes, free speech

    It isn't homophobic. People who throw that sort of rhetoric around are just trying to appear intelligent. Not all people who go to church are homophobic. Claiming the motivation behind the sign is something other than a belief which is counter intuitive to the survival of the species is ridiculous. Gays equal humanity dying out, period. It's nature that selected these peoples genes to be cleared from the gene pool. Evolutionists are the ones who are homophobic because they believe that gays were selected by nature to have their genetics subtracted from humanities gene pool via natural selection.

  • Yes it is

    I don't agree with it at all. Its unscientific, rude and homophobic. But it is not a cal to violence. They should be allowed to say that, and I and many others will boycott them for doing so. We can't ban stuff because we disagree. They should be allowed to have that sign.

  • Yes, but it is disgusting what the church is saying

    They are using Freedom of Speech, they are not endangering Public Safety. What the church said is horrible and proves that they aren't a church, rather a hate group. God says to love thy neighbor as thy self which is what the church is no doing. This Church is teaching hate, but they do have a right to say it.

  • Church sign covered by the black paint of free speech

    A church in the metro area of Atlanta had a sign out front claiming that "Satan made gays" - a sign that was later obscured by black paint. Both sides were exercising free speech: the church making narrow-minded claims and the vandal (or vandals) protesting that claim with censorship of their own.

  • Yes, The church is allowed to express whatever they want

    The church is an organization that has the freedom to express whatever they want. It doesn't matter how wrong, ignorant, or offensive it is -- They are entitled to their opinion, no matter of how awful it is. Just because you disagree with it doesn't mean you should try to cover it up.

  • Yes, the church sign is free speech.

    While the sign in question is horrible and further perpetuates hate, it is unfortunately covered by free speech, I believe. However, I also believe that it's a citizen's right to cover it, in an effort to speak their own mind. Censorship is a form of freedom allowed to citizens as well.

  • Yes, church messages are part of our free speech

    We may not agree with the various religious messages and signs, but we all want to have the freedom to express our views. It is important to maintain that freedom of speech but we can choose to express our counter views by posting a positive message across the street from the church to challenge the hateful attitude.

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