A dog owner gets a $100,000 settlement in the shooting death of a beloved spaniel. Is this excessive for the death of a dog?

  • I wouldn't want money. I would want justice.

    If a family member of mine was killed. The last thing I would think about is money.

    I would much rather have justice. Go to jail for however long etc. Maybe pay for the funeral idk.

    Money would not make me any happier. A family member is priceless. Justice justice justice

  • No, the settlement is not excessive.

    No, it is not excessive to award a large settlement for wrongful death of a beloved pet. Many couples are unable to have biological children, which makes the family pets a surrogate of sorts with great emotional investment as well as time and money. While nowhere near the tragedy of the death of a child, it is important to recognize the suffering that results from a wrongful shooting.

  • Give up the money

    I would have said yes years ago before I received my first pet. I just did not understand. I thought it was just a stupid dog but once you welcome a pet into your family they become a part of the family. A loss of your beloved pet is tantamount to losing a child. I would be devastated. They should get the money and more.

  • Chucky was his family

    For some folks, pets are absolutely part of the family. Losing a pet is hard. It's an enduring loss. Many animals inspire love in their owners. For Jim Anderson, Chucky was his family. He didn't have a spouse or children, and he didn't think of Chucky as "just a dog", so his loss was pretty extreme and even though the award is so size-able, it's not excessive.

  • No. Strong relationships can develop and the loss is very destructive.

    This concept may not be an option from some people, however, it is true none-the-less. We all live with relationships on many and varied levels and when one of the strongest is no longer available to us we suffer many consequences from every pore of their being. The money rewarded in a judgement cannot undo an injustice but it speaks loudly in the plantiffs' views.

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