A drugmaker raised the price of acne cream to $10,000 a tube. Do pharmaceutical companies care more about profits than people?

  • Pharmaceutical companies put profits above people

    Pharmaceutical companies put profits above helping people. Many of these companies raise the price of drugs, some necessary and life saving, by astronomical amounts, in order to boost profits. They are taking advantage of the patent they hold, without regard to the impact it has on those that need the drug.

  • Yes, I think so.

    Time for government regulation and price controls in the pharmaceutical industry. Greed had been permitted to go too far. The one-percent would dearly love to corner the market in everything, and gouge the 99% to the max. Time to stop the rot. No control over Banks (Wells Fargo), no control over Pharmaceutical and Medical Industries. These people are totally out of their greedy minds!

  • Yes, this is an unreasonable amount to charge and shows they care more about profits than people.

    Assuming the pharmaceutical company concerned has already recouped the costs incurred during development and testing of the cream, this price rise seems like pure greed. Acne is a painful skin condition that can wreck people's lives and the people who need to purchase this cream are not using it for vanity.

  • Drug companies see dollar signs instead of people

    Big drug companies don't care whethere a person died because they could not afford to keep an epi pen in hand; this is shown by the egregious price increase recently. This acne medication is along similar lines, though with less deadly consequences. Big drug CEOs make millions while poor people suffer, priced out of needed medical care. The system is also flawed: drug companies should not have to be motivated by money to do research, healthcare should be funded by the government.

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