A GOP congressman has stated Trump should release taxes. Do you think he is hiding something?

  • Yes, there is something suspicious about Trump's refusal to release taxes.

    Trump is a huge publicity hound, so he can't be all that concerned about personal privacy when it comes to his tax records. But while I find his refusal suspicious, I don't think every aspect of a candidate's life should be under such public scrutiny. If he doesn't want to release them, that's his right.

  • Trump should disclose his tax returns.

    Donald Trump should release his tax returns, like every major candidate sice Nixon. It is vital the American people know whether he pays his fair share of taxes or passes that burden on to the rest of us. His returns will also show his level of charatable giving; altruism is a trait many Americans still want to see in their leaders.

  • Yes, absolutely he is.

    Trump has repeatedly stated that his biggest qualification is how weatlhy he is and how good of a businessman he is. But he has shown no proof of this, something that he repeatedly asks his oppontents to do about every aspect of their life. If he had nothing to hide, he would be transparent.

  • Trump's lack of disclosure indicates he is hiding something

    Donald Trump's refusal to release his taxes indicates he is hiding something. Although he claims he will not do so until the IRS audit is complete, tax experts have stated this is an unnecessary condition. It appears he is breaking from tradition to hide his lack of wealth, the low taxes he pays, and his lack of charitable donations, based on recent comments from the news media.

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