A huge crack is spreading across one of Antarctica’s biggest ice shelves: should the US being doing more to keep this from occurring?

  • Yes, the US needs to help.

    The US needs to help with the fight in global warming. Too many people think that climate change is a myth, even when evidence is presented to them. We need to do something about it. There is a crack spreading across one of Antarctica's biggest ice shelves and everything could have been prevented if we took action. It's not just the United States, everyone needs to help.

  • The United States should do more to combat climate change

    The United States is the wealthiest nation on Earth, and also the largest consumer of energy. In light of the fact that there is an enormous crack spreading across one of Antarctica's ice shelves, it seems clear that the effects of global warming could be on the verge of reaching a critical point. Although Antarctic temperatures have not risen greatly, if large amounts of ice break apart it could accelerate climate change greatly.

  • No, there is nothing for the United States to do with regards to the cracking ice shelf in Antarctica.

    Major ecological and environmental changes which are beyond man's control occur all of the time in nature. The rapidly spreading crack in one of Antarctica's ice shelves is one such example of this. There is nothing that the United States nor any other country could do to control the situation, as the forces of nature are too large.

  • We can't control the weather

    Although climate change is an important issue, it's questions like this that make me shake my head. What are we supposed to do about this? Antarctica is literally halfway across the globe, and our government certainly doesn't have the know-how or competence to pull something like this off even if we had the technology. I'm not inclined to hand them a giant blank check and let them squander it like they do everything else.

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