A large 7.2 magnitude earthquake strikes off the north-east coast of New Zealand. Are you concerned about an earthquake?

  • Yes, there is concerned about future earthquakes

    Earthquakes are a valid concern for many regions, especially California residents, since there is a known sifting of the fault lines. There is also more recent concern, due to fracking, that will increase the likelihood of earthquakes in areas such as Oklahoma and Missouri. New Zealand has about 200 earthquakes a year that can be felt and there has been notable destruction is recent quakes. It is a concern for many people.

  • It warrants the same consideration as any other disaster

    I used to think I didn't live on a fault line, until a small trembler happened a few years ago. So now I consider earthquakes the same way I do fires, floods and hurricanes: as something to be planned for. Figure out what to do if it happens, store some food, clothing, batteries. It's not like there's anything I can do to stop it, if it's going to happen.

  • No concern over an earthquake

    I am not concerned about an earthquake. Although there have been major ones recently, such as in New Zealand and Italy, there is little evidence to suggest it is a major problem in the northeast region of the United States. Earthquakes can be deadly, and should be taken seriously, but there only a remote chance it will hit where I live, based on history.

  • Earthquakes Not a Concern

    I am not worried about an earthquake simply because I live in the Northeast where the likelihood of a huge earthquake is highly unlikely. I should not get too comfortable though because surprises always happening and the earth is an ever changing planet of ecosystems, the atmosphere, and tectonic plates.

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