A lawsuit claims Trump's campaign CEO fired a woman on maternity leave. Will he lose another key campaign aide?

  • Trump won't support firing a woman on maternity leave

    If it turns out to be true that Trump's campaign CEO fired a woman on maternity leave, it is my belief that Trump will not stand for that. A woman on maternity leave needs to be allowed to go back to her job.
    Even though Trump has made some misogynist remarks, it is my belief that he would be fair in this regard and would severely reprimand or
    let go anyone who fired someone for being on maternity leave.

  • Trump can't afford to isolate more voters

    Donald Trump faces a relatively simple choice for someone who must be making decisions based solely on political expediency, at this point: release one campaign manager or isolate millions of women and, more specifically, mothers. Already struggling and far behind in the polls, Trump can't afford the major blow that retaining the campaign manager would cause.

  • The aides will start jumping ship

    The Not-so-good ship Trump is rapidly sinking, and everybody who is smart should be running away as fast as they can. In this instance, Ted Cruz actually had the foresight that the rest of the Republicans wish they had. By the time the election rolls around, Trump might not have any key campaign aides left.

  • No, Trump should not lose his new campaign CEO, unless lawsuit is substantiated.

    An individual should never lose his job because a lawsuit has been filed against him. A job is an individual's livelihood. Unfortunately, lawsuits can be filed without merit. In this particular case, the claimant says she was fired while on maternity leave. Factors need to be considered. Was an entire department removed? Was she not needed in her former position, yet offered a different position? In either of these two examples, the lawsuit is without merit. The fact that there is an accusation, does not mean there is any wrongdoing. Wait until all facts are known before deciding the new campaign CEO should be fired.

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