A man recently survived drinking a quart of soy sauce. Should people reconsider how much sodium chloride they consume?

  • Yes, people should reconsider.

    Most people consume too much sodium chloride, which leads to excessive thirst, high blood sugar, and other health problems. While people can survive drastic actions such as this, that does not mean people should look to things like this as something they should attempt to do. Instead we should eat less salt.

  • It is all about moderation.

    Naturally things are going to be bad or good for us. Whether something is good or bad for us depends on how much of it we consume. If we consume things in moderation and go about it wisely then there should not be anything to worry about. It all comes down to smart decisions.

  • You need to be smart.

    Sure, people need to consider how much sodium they are consuming. However, this is not a good example because everyone knows that drinking a quart of soy sauce is a terrible idea. Americans especially need to understand sodium levels. Things you think are healthy, such as tomato sauce, can often contain a high sodium level.

  • Excess sodium chloride can lead to many health risks.

    While having sodium chloride in our diets is essential to maintaining a proper balance of fluids in our bodies, consuming more than a teaspoon of salt a day can be incredible harmful. Excess sodium can raise blood pressure to dangerous levels, increase the likelihood of kidney stones developing, increase the risk of getting osteoporosis and raise your risk of having a stroke. People need to be very mindful of these dangers associated with excess sodium and reconsider just how much sodium they are consuming.

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