A Metro Vancouver landlord is under fire for an apartment rental ad seeking “Asian only” tenants. Should he be fined for discrimination?

  • Yes, he should be fined for discrimination.

    The landlord should absolutely be fined for discrimination. By putting the sign up, he is excluding every other race and uplifting a select few. We should all strive to live in a world that is accepting of everyone. Any action that goes against that concept should be denounced and shut down.

  • Discrimination happens both ways

    Often when we think of discrimination, we think of minorities being treated unfairly. However, it can happen the other way around as well. It is never okay to show preference toward or aversion to a certain group based only on their ethnic or racial background, and this is a perfect example of this.

  • Any housing advertisement that explicitly excludes prospective tenants on the basis of race is discrimination.

    Housing discrimination is a serious matter. In such a black-and-white scenario--one in which a landlord clearly advertises his property to a select racial group--the proper actions are obvious; this man must face the legal repercussions for housing discrimination. His case and the legal consequences he faces should serve as a message that racial discrimination will not be tolerated.

  • Yes, the Metro Vancouver landlord should be fined for discrimination

    Yes, the Metro Vancouver landlord should be fined for discrimination. This is obviously discrimination because entire races of people are being excluded from renting the property based on this ad. However, it is good that the landlord was honest because other races would not want to rent the property if they knew this is how the landlord felt.

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