A Muslim group will break the Ramadan fast with an Irish LGBT community. Will more Muslims accept the gay community?

  • We can only Hope...

    It's important for people to understand and feel comfortable about these new things going on in the world. LGBT is another thing people are going to have to accept, honestly I don't see a problem with the community whatsoever. We are all people, we are all the same. Just because some people don't like the opposite sex doesn't make them evil or bad whatsoever. Times are changing, and nothing a book says is going to stop it. It doesn't matter what the Quran, the Bible, or any other sort of religious text says, human beings are free to pursue their own happiness no matter what.

  • Yes, this will help Muslims accept the gay community.

    By standing in solidarity with the Irish LGBT group they are showing that they can both get along and have more in common then not. Other Muslims will see this example and they will get to know the members of the LGBT community in their largest community and may start to change their own attitude.

  • Yes, Efforts by Muslims in Ireland will be more likely to inspire other Muslim groups throughout the world to be more accepting of the LGBT community

    According to the Irish Muslim Peace and Integration Council "Ramadan inspired and motivated us to reach out...[w]e can open our hearts to anyone." This gesture will be helpful in moderating Muslim attitudes toward the LGBT community, and will result in a greater acceptance in many Muslim communities throughout the world.

  • Good for them

    I hope and pray they begin to see the lgbtq community with compassion because compassion begets compassion. Imagine if othe radical Islamist grow up in a tolerant, loving environment then maybe the seed of hate won't flourish. Like the rest of society, the Muslim community has their share of gays. Acceptance is a great place to start.

  • Islam is opanly Homophobic.

    Quaran is openly anty-Homosexual (http://www.Haaretz.Com/middle-east-news/1.724908). Quaran literally is teaching that homosexuality is a sin as should be punished. In the same time muslims are comming from world's most homophobic countries, were homosexuality is not just not accepted, but also illigal. It is highly unlikely that they will adopt to new culture as is complitelig different from their own without trying to change it.

  • No, more Muslims will not accept the gay community.

    In the Quran, being gay is forbidden. For traditional Muslims to accept gay people, it seems that it would be a sin. To practice homosexuality is punishable by death, so if a Muslim person were to fully accept gayness, it seems as if part of their life would be in jeopardy.

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