A Muslim shop in the U.K. was firebombed while people were inside. Is vigilante justice a growing problem?

  • Terrorists make their targets known, yet the attacks are unpredictable

    The UK Muslim shop firebombed with people inside is not an isolated incident - - nor is it anything new. Only yesterday, the Instanbul airport was bombed killing dozens of innocent people, apparently the target being the Kurdish group -- either as a direct attack on them or for vengeance on anyone with connection to them. Public places such as shops and airports are easy targets. There are many people around, so attackers can slip in and out. These attacks are planned way in advance. Many terrorists make threats that they will attack a certain place -- and they do. What this does is install fear in the population. People go outdoors with the threat that they may be attacked. Public squares and large buildings must always be heavily guarded. Terrorists know how to move around with weapons, and how to plant bombs. Their aim is to get back at any group that has attacked them, including allies. To add to the problem is the fact that many terrorists are suicide bombers - while people value their lives and their safety, many non-Muslims and Muslims do want wish to die for their beliefs. Vigilante justice will therefore remain. There are many people willing to kill and die or be killed for their religious beliefs. Oftentimes, there is little to be done to stop these planned attacks.

  • Yes, taking justice onto your own hands can become a very serious problem and it solves nothing.

    Yes, vigilante justice is turning into a real problem is some cities. As much as one could understand the anger and frustration stemming from terror attacks carried out by muslim extremists around the globe, if citizens start taking out their frustration on innocent segments of the muslim population we could end up with a very violent, messy and bloody situation in our hands.

  • No, vigilante justice isn't a growing problem.

    No, vigilante justice isn't a problem that is only currently growing. Instead, the problem of people taking matters into their own hands has always existed. Unfortunately, people are susceptible to xenophobia and group-think. That combination can lead to people becoming frustrated and acting out. Still, vigilante justice is not a growing problem; it is instead a problem that has always been a part of the human condition.

  • No, vigilante justice is not a problem.

    No one should ever be attacked because of their ethnicity or religious affiliation. Instances of vigilante justice - like the Muslim shop in the U.K. that was firebombed - are rare. Therefore, vigilante justice is not really a growing problem. However, governments should not be complacent when others are targeted because of their religion or ethnicity. Any instances of vigilante justice should be severely punished to discourage future acts.

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