A Nazi time capsule was found in Poland. Should its contents be destroyed?

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  • No, its content can provide useful information about Nazi regimen

    Indeed, the content found in the capsule has to be preserved in a museum. The public has to know about this important discovery as well as learning more about Nazi regimen. This rare weel preserved piece of history can also serve to know more about this time where extremism lead to WWII.

  • No, it should be preserved.

    Destroying the time capsule would be destroying a piece of history. No matter how horrible the events in Nazi Germany were, holding on to history is important. It gives us keys to the past and helps educate people today on the horrible events that happened. The contents should be preserved as many other artifacts are preserved from that time.

  • No, its contents should not be destroyed.

    The Nazi time capsule found in Poland should not have its contents destroyed. Instead, the contents should be studied by historians, and preserved in museums. That way future generations can better understand the horrors that the Nazis inflicted upon the world. Forgetting about history may be more pleasant for some; however, it will not help future generations avoid the same mistakes made in the past.

  • Yes the Nazi time capsule should be destroyed

    While I believe that the horrors of the past should not be forgotten, and should serve as a warning to future generations, Nazi memorabilia should be destroyed. The contents of the capsule should be recorded, but then destroyed so that any current Nazi or Nazi sympathizers will not find them and use them again.

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