A new poll shows Clinton stumbling and Trump taking the lead. Is this a temporary change?

  • Yes, this is temporary.

    Next week, Trump will say something stupid again and the outrage about the e-mail scandal will die down. People will remember why they don't want to vote for Donqld Trump and the first polls will go back to normal. Polls go up and down all the time and we won't know for a few months.

  • Yes, Clinton will win.

    Hillary Clinton has been one of the most disliked political figures in the United States for years. However, the dislike for her is nothing compared to the utter disdain for Donald Trump that has emerged during this election. People of all different political views hate Trump, so Clinton will end up winning the election.

  • Yes, polls change every day.

    One could expect Hillary Clinton to lose ground in the race after the FBI's report on the email scandal. However, that will fade away as Trump has the opportunity to make many more gaffes during the campaign. In the end, the majority of voters want to continue the Obama legacy and elect another Democrat.

  • Trump could defeat Hillary.

    Polls are a major waste of time and are only for the vanity of the candidate. Donald and Hillary will be neck and neck the whole way through because they are slightly worse than each other. Hillary needs to either pick Bernie or her husband Bill to be her running mate in order to defeat Trump.

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