A new study shows that jet hand dryers spread more germs than paper towels. Should jet hand dryers be replaced because of this?

  • Get rid of hand dryers already

    YES, If someone has a bad sickness (bad germs) they may get it to. There may be germs everywhere but this is one of the worst way germs can spread. People cough, sneeze, and spread germs easily, but when the hand dryer blows it can blow and make the germs spread A LOT. That is why we should have paper towels instead of hand dryers.

  • I've never liked jet hand dryers anyways

    As green as I usually am I've never liked jet hand dryers. They never make your hands completely dry. They always leave you a little wet. It is so much easier to use a piece of paper. Instead of setting up jet hand dryers why not plant more trees instead? Then we can have plenty of paper and still not destroy all the trees.

  • Yes, jet hand dryers should be replaced.

    Yes, if jet hand dryers are ineffective in keeping bathrooms and people sanitary, then they should be replaced with paper towels. Public sanitation is very important. We need to do everything in our power to avoid the spread of disease. If the jet dryers aren't doing the job, then they need to be replaced.

  • Yes, jet hand dryers should be replaced because they spread more germs than paper towels.

    Yes, jet hand dryers should be replaced because they spread more germs than paper towels. The point of jet hand dryers is to reduce paper waste, but using electricity to run them and spreading germs kind of defeats the purpose. Until someone reinvents the jet hand dryer to be more nergy efficient and sanitary, they should be taken out of public restrooms.

  • No, that is old news that most took as propaganda from the paper industry.

    Yet another study that was performed by a "scientist" who had been on the payroll of the European Tissue Symposium - ie the paper towel manufactureres. Yes: if you throw germs in front of a fan, they will spread. But Dyson recently commissioned another report showing that there are far more germs already on paper towels than there are around hand dryers. So which is worse?

  • Germs are everywhere and there is no way to avoid them, but the Earth can still be saved.

    There are germs everywhere that we look. We can't see them, we can't feel them, but we know that they are there. Humans are built to fight off these germs with their regular immune systems, there is no reason to fear germs when we fight them off without even thinking about it. Mother Earth, on the other hand, cannot fight humans off fast enough to stop us from tearing down the very life she is providing to us. We need trees, we don't need a lack of germs. That kind of solution would literally end the species.

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