A poll shows Clinton leading Trump in four swing states. Will she win the election in a landslide?

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  • It will be closer than she thinks.

    The only way Hillary Clinton will defeat Trump in a landslide is if she gets Sanders or her husband former president Bill Clinton to be her running mate. She more than likely will NOT do that so it will be a very close race because nobody really likes either one of the candidates but they hate her less than they do Trump.

  • Landslide, not a chance

    I feel the majority of the country is still hoping for some last minute miracle of someone with sense running for President. Hillary holding strong in swing states does not indicate a landslide in the least. Candidates will be pushing to the very end on the amount of strength needed to take over office and be a strong President. Polls don't always reflect the outcome.

  • No, she will probably win, but not in a landslide.

    I think that Clinton will win the election, but probably not in a landslide. There are enough people who dislike or even hate her, for various reasons, that she will have a difficult time winning. However, in the end, more people dislike Trump, so Clinton will win a close race, as the lesser of two evils.

  • It's anyone's game.

    I don't think that Clinton will win in a landslide in November. I think both candidates still have a shot, and the polls will rise and fall over the next few months. In addition, the polls are very confusing. I just read a poll this morning that projected Trump would have a huge lead in Florida, an important swing state.

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