A recent poll shows that voters doubt Clinton's pneumonia explanation. Is she hiding a serious health issue?

  • Yes, It is definitely a possibility given her past

    She isn't known for telling the truth on past circumstances. So why would this one be any different. If she does have a serious health issue, now would definitely not be the time that she wants it to come out in public. But in this day and age there won't be much time until the truth comes out.

  • She is lying.

    Hillary Clinton is not exactly known for her truthfulness, and this recent lie is just making things worse for her. I've been around numerous pneumonia patients, and none of them had neurological symptoms like she displays in all of the Sept. 11th videos. She is definitely lying to the American people.

  • I have my doubts, can't help it....But just think about it people.

    If she was that bad, why is she running? The stress from the politics and presidency would almost certainly diminish her odds.

    If she is that bad it will prove itself, and she will just have to drop the race. Lots of people get sick, really sick at some point but that doesn't mean they are dying lol.

    I'm trying to think about where else to go here, but I think this one is really that simple.

  • No I do not

    A recent poll shows that voters doubt Clinton's pneumonia explanation. I very much doubt that she is hiding a more serious health issue. Why would she be running for President of the United States if she was going to be too ill to carry on with her her job role.

  • Clinton is not hiding a serious health issue

    Hillary Clinton is not hiding a more serious illness from the public. She was diagnosed with pneumonia by a doctor. This fits with her previous symptoms, such as her coughing fit a couple of weeks ago. Other medical professionals agree with the diagnosis. She looked fine a couple of hours later.

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