A report has stated the TPP will hurt workers. Do free trade deals do more harm than good?

  • They do much more harm than good.

    Free Trade Agreements have already hurt American workers significantly even though the government promised that they would not. Secondly, countries that are involved in TPP will continue to violate labor rights. It's just a bad idea all across the board. Lawmakers should oppose this concept and not allow it to manifest.

  • Free trade hurts citizens

    Free trade hurts citizens because it is almost always done with only wealthy owners in mind. American citizens have been left behind for workers in other countries. The jobs that leave here are sometimes even replaced by workers who are exploited in other countries. It is just an all-around bad trade agreement.

  • Yes, free trade deals often do more harm than good to global workers.

    Yes, free trade deals do harm to local workers in offshore factories around the world. While free trade provides economic benefits to large multinational corporations, it simultaneously eliminates local and small businesses from the economy, causing local labor forces to be dependent on foreign factory jobs for their livelihoods. When this happens locals are less able to demand fair treatment or to dictate market forces in their own economy.

  • Free trade is an inherent good

    The greater the open markets the greater the ability of specialization becomes, a more specialized market results in us being able to focus on producing only what we need and exporting it competitively to other countries who need it for the cheapest global price, keeping their consumer spending low. Likewise we import things that we do not produce as effectively so that our consumer costs may stay low and we can focus our investment and entrepreneurial efforts on the industries that we are actually the most efficient at instead of wasting money on industries that other countries simply have a relative advantage in. Trade barriers simply increase domestic prices for things that could be much cheaper, hurting our economy by giving people less money to spend on what they need and hurting our actual effective industries with counter tariffs and a lack of private investment. Lastly the entire point of this entire trade agreement(TPP) is to prevent the old "race to the bottom" style free trade deals that china has dominated in the past by imposing the same labor and environmental standards to all countries involved resulting in competition coming only from minute policy differences, inherent geographic or cultural advantages, and technology resulting in a more "race to the top" type of trade deal

  • Free trade never hurts

    Basic economics states that trade helps. Regardless of the situation, the more trade allowed, the better off everyone is on the whole. A free trade deal of such a magnitude only increases net exports, which increases the national GDP. Increasing national GDP is kind of the point of economics, suggesting that the quality of living for a nation rises as GDP rises.

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